Diamond Price Index

Latest daily 141.66 (-1.6%)
Latest weekly 141.66 (+0.0%)
1 carat
Latest daily 139.11 (-8.6%)
Latest weekly 139.11 (+9.0%)
0.5 carat
Latest daily 143.92 (-1.6%)
Latest weekly 143.92 (+2.9%)
0.3 carat
Latest daily 137.94 (-5.1%)
Latest weekly 137.94 (-4.7%)


1.0 carat
0.5 carat
0.3 carat

Benchmark price list

This list serves as a guideline based on actual transactions and will be updated according to the system set out in our methodology.

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Percentage movements list

Updated weekly, this list shows the percentage changes between the prices shown on the Benchmark price list and the live prices.

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Live actual prices

This list shows actual prices for your selection.

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Market reports

Weekly Market Report

Weekly Market Report

Weekly Market Report

Weekly Market Report

Weekly Market Report