By Charles Wyndham.

There is a mantra that I shout, being pretty deaf, at myself each morning, ‘don’t be nasty to De Beers’.

I know that those silly enough to go to the trouble to click to read these self indulgent gurgles of mine must get a bit bored about this subject which is one very good reason why I make sure that the title of each piece is pretty meaningless, or as meaningless as the text, so no one knows the subject before clicking.

Choice as I learnt at De Beers is not something to be encouraged.

But sometimes I just cannot help myself, just as, thank god, neither can De Beers.

Yesterday, De Beers announced a price….quite a price….. well a price increase… not really….perhaps a price adjustment…something in the past and to be… who knows?

We were informed that as promised they would keep everyone up to date with price changes and so informed their clients that prices had been increased overall by 8.5% since January.

This increase includes the increase to come in next week’s Sight.

Pretty useful really, especially when we are told that the “increases have been concentrated in rough boxes where the demand is strongest and the largest polished price increases have occurred’.

I had thought that I had reached the point where not much from that organisation was going to surprise me, and delightfully I continue to be proven wrong with such decent regularity.

I never knew that deafness could be so useful.

Bravo Ludwig!

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