Market NewsCommentThe Lawnmower Tender

The Lawnmower Tender

By Charles Wyndham.

It is not every Monday that I could hope to read a headline of ‘Buddhist monk killed by own runaway lawnmower’.

He, poor old (I hope) Rev Seiji Handa, was, of course, cutting the grass at the local convent and, unsurprisingly, a previous episode with a lawnmower had left him short of three fingers.

Some learn from their mistakes others don’t.

This may in part explain the rechristening of Boney’s polished auctions to polished tenders.

There has clearly had to have been a rethink following the overwhelming success of his polished auctions.

I stand to be corrected but I believe at the last auction not one stone was sold.

The polished tender held by WWW last month saw a price of $133,000 per carat being paid for a 5 carater, so no doubt Boney is going to be trying to emulate this success.

Good luck, I just hope that he can cope with following in others footsteps, or should I just suggest he goes and buys a Flymo as they float over the grass and most importantly have plastic blades.

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