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Krolling Along to Yin and Yang

By Charles Wyndham

The loud silence about the final list of DTC clients has unnerving parallels with the ever lengthening wait to hear the election result in Zimbabwe.

Everyone knows there was an election, that is apart from good old Bob, just as everyone knows that there was the most ‘exhaustive and objective’ selection process for choosing the next clients of the DTC.

DTC seems to be going in for the constant recount scenario of our Fuehrer Bob as he tries every stratagem to stay in power.

The stories that one new client has failed its Kroll examination and another three or so have been asked to resubmit their profile may obviously be part or all of the cause of the delay.

But then maybe it was the re jig of the ITO’s which appear to have resulted in a cut by around 5% for all those companies outside Southern Africa.

You could ask who is having the power cuts?

Or is it the new allocation system where it appears that clients will be measured every six months against their goals, or own goals.

It is some time since I have regurgitated the point that De Beers key goal of growing retail demand beyond dollar GDP growth has shrivelled and slunk away in abject failure.

This measurement fetish is coming from a DTC whose own decisions as to clients shows the most remarkable inconsistency, if not actual churning.

The latest cull has disproportionately hit those companies who only recently joined the club three years ago, hardly a resounding endorsement of a system that allowed these companies in, in the first place.

Sound and loyal customers of long standing were rejected in favour of the very companies that are being asked to resubmit.

The insanity of all of this only seems to increase in this extraordinary fantasy world of the DTC where it knows what is best for all but itself.

Firstly, it is odd in the extreme that it has taken so long for Kroll to have such results.

Also it is a remarkably high percentage as I am told that it was only all new clients and a very small selection of current clients who were subjected to this investigation.

If Kroll is going to be used, it should be used for all companies and the results of this investigation should be concluded before the announcement of the winners (lets be kind).

Also why this sudden softening of the stance that clients may resubmit?

What is the logic of this if you are one of the companies that was told that either there were insufficient goods or that others had a better claim?

Secondly, why are not all clients being paid a visit by Kroll, that was certainly the implication of all the high sounding moralisation?

Also why is not the DTC being subjected to Kroll to see that it really did do as it said it did, I would not ask, for obvious reasons, Kroll to examine whether what they said made sense.

We know, just as starters from the Jayam case, that firstly they, or specifically the Major Duomo of this whole charade Howard Davies, are quite prepared to fabricate evidence to suit their cause.

All these last minute chops and changes are as suspicious as they are unsurprising.

Again, in the Jayam vs DTC case we know that when asked by the Ombudsman to reconsider decisions having found in favour of Jayam, that the DTC’s response was firstly to say that by simply reconsidering and doing nothing it fulfilled its obligations.

This line of argument was augmented by the cerebral comment that one has come to hope to hear that they could not reconsider when the goods had already been allocated.

Not much different to a child on being admonished for eating their friend’s ice cream replies that there is nothing that can be done as the ice cream has gone.

The response from the parent could perhaps be, well let’s take the cost of a couple of ice creams out of the pocket money.

The contempt that DTC treats its clients and more to the point the lengths that it goes to laud itself in self congratulatory syrup are just about balanced.

Maybe we should be thinking of the DTC in terms of Yin and Yang.

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