Polished diamond exports from Belgium rose 39% to $1.19 billion in February, according to statistics released by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC). In terms of volume, polished exports represented a 5% increase to 857,674.17 carats. For the first two months of the year, polished exports showed similar rises of 5% to 1,611,534.28 carats and by value 30.4% to $2.1 billion. Polished imports in February also grew sharply with an 19% increase in volume to 822,755.55 carats, and a 22.4% rise in value to $871.7 million. For the January-February period, polished imports showed a 26% increase to 1,916,350.09 carats, and a 32 % rise to $1.9 billion. Antwerp reported a somewhat mixed performance for rough. Rough exports in February were up 3% in volume terms to 11,966,777.88 carats. By value exports jumped 20% to $1.1 billion. For the first two months of the year, exports fell 4.4% to 25,359,507.98 carats, but by value rough exports rose 13% increase to $2.2 billion. Rough imports in February fell 21% in volume to 10,005,687.21 carats. In value terms imports rose 6% to $961 million. For the first two months, rough imports showed a 14% decline in volume terms to 22,322,306.49 carats. By value rough imports were up 16% at $2.0 billion.

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