Market NewsCommentGemesis to launch Pinks and Blues this year

Gemesis to launch Pinks and Blues this year

Gemesis said it expects to launch pink and blue diamonds by the end of this year. Currently, Gemesis only sells cultured diamonds - diamonds that share the same chemical and physical properties of earth grown diamonds but are grown under laboratory conditions - in yellow and orange. The Florida-based company said it can currently produce colourless stones, but in sizes that would directly compete with the most prevalent mined diamonds and thus it felt no need to bring a product to market that is so readily available. However, with predictions of a major shortage looming in larger white goods, the company’s said it is working consistently to grow stones in the 5 – 10 carat range. Gemesis expects these types of goods will be commercially available in about three years. The supply of cultured diamonds remains extremely limited. Gemesis does not give exact figures, but the company is believed to produce and sell around 100,000 carats per year.

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