Market NewsCommentStarlight Express, Out and Halleluiah!

Starlight Express, Out and Halleluiah!

By Charles Wyndham.

Surely all readers have been to see ‘Starlight Express’, one of those musicals that all adults express distaste for but are grateful that they have had to take their child to go and see.

Well I read in the latest Loupe, as ‘In The Loupe’ or ITL, the DTC’s, internal glossy about project ‘Starlight’.

I won’t go into all the details, well I could not even if I tried as I simply do not understand most of it.

Anyway, reading through the interview with Alan Campbell who has been entrusted with this enterprise I learnt that Starlight is a follow up to EPMO (Enterprise Programme Management Office).

The purpose of EPMO came about when the DTC’s executive committee had an ‘away day’ and discovered that there were 105 different projects on the go.

So EPMO was created and has four streams of which the first two are Operating Model Diagnostic and Planning and Designing.

The latter’s function is to coordinate the implementation of the ‘end state vision’, as defined by Alan Campbell as ‘marking out where we need to be at a point in time’.

The third stream is ‘benefits management’. This is, it is explained, tracking progress against targets.

Finally, the fourth and most important is ‘Change Management and Communication’.

“This is all about engaging and motivating our people. There are tough elements to this, particularly in the recognition that DTC in the UK will be a smaller business so many will leave who perhaps were expecting to have a job till retirement.”

The current Starlight team consists of six people from the DTC and six from Deloitte, so that the job of “diagnostics and benefits management” can come to fruition which apparently includes in some way dealing with ‘Silos’ (?).

At this point the questioner from ITL (In The Loupe) asked; “OK Alan, change sometimes affects a company’s morale: what are your thoughts on that?”

Alan Campbell’s immortal response was; “Well, morale is a funny thing… you hear talk of ‘low morale’ but I know plenty of people at DTC, myself included, who are very optimistic about the present and the future……..( quite a bit later he ends with) … On a personal note, 2008 will be a big year of change for me as I am leaving the DTC at the end of March…”


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