Market NewsCommentBotswana hit by power cuts

Botswana hit by power cuts

A Botswana government official said it was "too early for any measures", following severe power cuts in South Africa which supplies around 70% of Botswana’s electricity. “The supply cuts happened earlier than expected. We expected power cuts to come next year,” the government official in the capital Gaborone told PolishedPrices. On January 25, De Beers announced it was closing its South African diamond mines due to severe power shortages in the country. It resumed production at some of its operations on January 29 and said it would make a decision on the opening of two remaining mines later in the week. Last week, in Botswana diamond cutting factories suffered several power cuts throughout the day. South Africa supplies the vast bulk of Zimbabwe’s and Botswana’s energy, but with the South African economy running the risk of grinding to a halt, the government has a delicate balancing act to play. The Botswana government said: “We have agreements in place with South Africa and hope they will stick to their agreements.” It said several diamond cutting factories had come forward saying they were considering purchasing generators as the supply cuts were becoming more frequent.

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