Market NewsCommentLeviev rolls out in Dubai

Leviev rolls out in Dubai

Leviev, the diamond jewellery brand owned by billionaire Lev Leviev, has announced the opening of two new stores in Dubai in 2008. One Leviev store will be located in Burj Dubai Mall, which is said to be the world's biggest mall, under the world's tallest building. The other, a Leviev mini-boutique, will be located in the lobby of the new Atlantis hotel resort on the Jumeirah Palm Island, currently scheduled to open in September 2008. The two stores come in addition to the Leviev shop-in-shop at Levant Jewelers in the lobby of the Al-Qasr Hotel, which opened in March 2008. For all its retail business in Dubai, Leviev has partnered with Levant Jewelers.

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