Dubai’s total diamond trade grew by 53% in 2007 to $11.23 billion, according to the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE). Rough diamond trade in Dubai recorded a 29% increase from 2006 to $4.82 billion, while trade in polished diamonds increased by 88% to $6.41billion. In 2007, polished diamond imports to the emirate increased by 73% to $3.68 billion, up from $2.12 billion in 2006. The jump was mainly due to a sharp increase in imports from Belgium and India, DDE said in a statement. Polished diamond imports from India reached 2.33 billion in 2007, an 88% increase from 1.24 billion in 2006. Polished imports from Belgium rose by 50% to $630 million, compared to the previous year. In the same period, exports of polished diamonds rose by 115% to $ $2.73 billion. Rough diamond imports to Dubai rose 28% to $2 billion in 2007, while exports stood at $2.82 billion for the same period, up 19%. The sharpest rise in rough imports came from South Africa (133%), Russia (89%) and Angola (78%).

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