Market NewsCommentAnd a good judge too!

And a good judge too!

By Charles Wyndham.

The terse announcement from the DTC that all those companies suspended as a consequence of the Brenig case have been reinstated is as significant as it is short.

The vision of the DTC with their cohorts of lawyers trumpeting their own Best Practice Principles, oh so in the words of Gilbert, of Gilbert and Sullivan, in Iolanthe, in the best traditions of ‘the true embodiment of everything that’s excellent’, has somehow taken on a lighter touch.

To summarily suspend all clients named in a court case and then to reinstate them all after having taken the trouble to actually meet with them demonstrates all the empathy and sympathy that any family member would normally expect.

To me it is quite extraordinary the lengths that the DTC are going to set itself up as the local comic whipping boy.

Till this latest debacle I had not bothered to draw attention to Varda Shine’s statement at the cocktail party that: “However we also want to be better known for other qualities, such as being an icon of ethical standards that reflect well on all associated with us.”

Why do they continue to make such extraordinary statements that have only one conceivable outcome, which outcome is best summed up by my friend Gilbert again,

‘Though homeward as you trudge You declare my law is fudge But of beauty I’m a judge.’

Chorus: ‘And a good judge, too!’

In the same speech the gathered (all but those suspended from the family of families) were informed that the sales department has been renamed the ‘Client Value Proposition Department.’

What is this gobbledegook?

DTC is no icon, well not of best practice principle, neither am I or anyone I know; so stop pretending that it is or that it is some proposition department.

Proposition has other connotations……

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