Market NewsCommentNow I know it is Christmas

Now I know it is Christmas

By Charles Wyndham.

To have one’s day enlightened by Jonathan Oppenheimer is not that frequent an occurrence.

In an interview with the Mail and Guardian newspaper in South Africa, Jonathan and his father emphasised how lucky they were that diamonds exert a self regulatory ethical force on the business.

As Jonathan went so far as to say: “If you can find me an instance where De Beers has behaved in a way that is materially, concretely extraordinary in a negative sense, and De Beers has not taken action I’ll eat my hat, because I know it never happens.”

The only other person from De Beers who went so far as to threaten similar action  was their geologist who famously said when pulling all De Beers exploration from Australia, that he would eat his hat if ever a diamond was found in that country.

Well +/- 600 million carats later, from Argyle and additional modest contributions from Bow River, Ellendale and Merlin, he was not too far from the mark.

I suppose I better rush and get my Christmas shopping done and buy Jonathan one of those Australian Akubra hats, I might even add the corks.

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