Market NewsCommentGood joke at the GIA..

Good joke at the GIA..

By Charles Wyndham.

I am delighted to learn that the GIA in general and Thomas Moses of the GIA could make me laugh so much.

The news that the GIA have employed the lawyer, Thomas O’Neil, who has been carrying out the recent investigation  into fraudulent certificates resulting from bribery, came as a welcome surprise to me.

This investigation is notable for the fact that, inter alia, it has so far allowed the President of the GIA Bill Boyajian to retain his job and has not stopped the remarkable practice of the organization accepting massive ‘charitable’ donations from many of the very companies for which it is being paid to issue certificates grading their diamonds.

Anyway, Mr O’Neil has been engaged to provide annual seminars in ethics to the GIA staff.

The GIA and Mr Boyajian have clearly chosen the teacher with great care.

The news reminds me of one of those old chestnuts of a lawyers joke:

A lawyer charged an elderly lady $100 for drafting her will. She paid him in cash and failed to notice that instead of one $100 bill she gave him two.

On seeing the error the ethical question came to the lawyers mind, “ Do I tell my partner?".

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