Market NewsCommentThe copy paste week end

The copy paste week end

By Charles Wyndham.

It is not that often that public holidays have the good fortune to land on either a Monday or a Friday.

We all know that the Fourth of July, if only because of the film, is one of the biggest of the few public holidays in America; and this year it lands on Monday!

Every retailer is hoping their dream is going to be met by a long spending week end fuelled by the benefits of global warming, which according to their President does not exist, but which currently seems to be providing a wonderful mix of either searing temperatures (46 degrees centigrade in some places in the United States) and more rain than anyone wants in others, ensuring that the punters (or consumers) will have no choice but to spend their time in the shopping malls.

Perhaps global warming is the darkest of capitalist plots.

The diamond retail business got its boost from its leader or some would say Emperor, Bonaparte, on Friday when he increased prices for the second week in a row.

I was shocked as well at such an event which for its audacity is getting horribly close to those 46 degrees centigrade.

Prices on the Rap list went up last Friday by the same amounts on exactly the same the price points as the previous week.

Boney will have to confirm if this unlikely occurrence has happened before, as I don’t know. I would of course print any acknowledgement of his about such seismic events.

One could, I suppose, get into complicated statistical arguments about the likelihood of this happening in what even Boney has admitted is an increasingly volatile market.

To be fair, I never really understood that comment of his as volatility always meant, I thought, things going up and down and not some remorseless one way snail’s climb, counterbalanced by a fall, sometime ago now, in the one area, smalls, just when prices were actually rising quite sharply.

I, if not all but his secret coterie of troglodytes, have long stopped trying to understand the inner workings of the majestic mind that can produce such a wonderful piece of fiction as Boney’s price list.

As in most things, the explanation is probably so much more simple.

Long holiday week end coming up in America, the shopping malls beckoning his troglodyte mates, time running out for them to communicate all the news about rising New York asking prices (it is a bit of a mouthful after all), panic……. So copy paste!

Problem solved. Bon (long) week end.

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