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Diamond index slips, volumes increase

The overall PolishedPrices index trended downward over the past week before a minor rally, in healthy trading volumes.

Daily Index levelsLevelDaily Change
Monday 28/09114.22.2%
Tuesday 29/09114.30.1%
Wednesday 30/09113.7-0.6%
Thursday 01/10112.1-1.4%
Friday 02/10111.5-0.5%
Monday 05/10112.50.8%

Weekly Index
The main PolishedPrices index fell by 1.6% over the week, opening at 112.5 points on Monday. The index is currently 16.5% lower than this time last year, and has fallen 5.8% since the start of the year. It is, however, 6.1% above the low reached in April.

Better qualities took the brunt of the falls during the week, with the Fine qualities recording losses across all of the benchmark sizes. One carat diamonds fell by 5.9%, with 0.5 carats declining 2.5% and 0.3 carats losing 6.5%.

Mixed 0.5 carat diamonds were the best performers, gaining 4.2%.

Benchmark groupings PolishedPrices Index.
  Current Levels 2009 Low2009 High 
  Index Jan 04 =100Change from week ago Change from  year agoIndexDate W/EIndexDate W/EYear to date change
1 ctFine119.2-5.9%-24.3%98.812-Feb128.403-Feb6.5%
0.5 ctFine110.2-2.5%-17.2%102.112-Apr127.622-Jun-4.4%
0.3 ctFine108.8-6.5%-24.7%105.913-Sep132.708-Mar-8.9%

The definitions of our groupings are:
Fine:                 goods better than I colour and VS2 and above.
Commercial:            K SI3 and above, excluding the Fine category, and
Mixed:              the rest down to M I3.

The weightings used in the calculation of these indices are chosen to reflect world production. Please contact us if you would like to see details of the weightings used, or would like to see the information grouped differently.

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