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DTC sightholder selection

When DTC announces its new sightholder list on June 10 to its clients, it will be interesting to hear what this year’s motivations for the reshuffle will be.

Firstly, the selection of new sightholders in South Africa, its home turf, takes place under severe political pressure by the government, which inevitably undermines the objectiveness of the selection process.
Equally undermining is the fact that DTC has lost a case in front of the ombudsman.

There are suggestions DTC will put a few sightholders back on the list, which is widely seen by insiders as a politically motivated move amid stringent EU antitrust scrutiny.

The 2003 review was motivated by availability. In addition, Gareth Penny, DTC managing director, pointed to the all successes of the Supplier of Choice policy.

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