Market NewsNewsJapan's polished imports rise 17.1% in March

Japan's polished imports rise 17.1% in March

Polished imports into Japan in March rose by 17.1% to $107.8 million, compared to 2004, according to the latest figures compiled by the Jewelry Trade Center (JTC) Incorporated.

In Yen terms, the rise was 12.6% 11.3 billion Yen.

Total imports to Japan for the first quarter of 2005 were up 2.5% at $304 million. However, expressed in Yen,  imports showed a 0.5% decrease.

In volume terms, a total of 707,000 carats were imported during the first three months, a 4.0% decline over 2004.

Imports from Belgium increased 8.5% to $67 million in the first quarter, while imports from India rose by 1.4% to $137 million.

However, imports from Israel fell 22.7% to $43 million, compared to the same quarter last year.

By Richard Platt.

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