Market NewsNewsDiacore Gaborone Marathon offers BWP1 million prize

Diacore Gaborone Marathon offers BWP1 million prize

Press release

February 25, 2019


In an unprecedented move, Diacore Gaborone Marathon kicks off the year with ground breaking reward, calling on the fastest runners worldwide. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that 1 million pula (US$100,000) will be up for grabs for the first runner to complete the 42.2km Marathon in under 2 hours and 08 minutes. 

This is a monumental move as it will not only put the current Diacore Gaborone Marathon 42.2km record of 2 hours and 17 minutes into contention, but is also sure to attract elite runners from across the world. In continuing in its efforts to not only bolster tourism by positioning Botswana as the host of one of the most premier sporting events in the region, Diacore Gaborone Marathon has offered young Batswana athletes an opportunity that has never been seen on our shores.

The event is entering its 7th year and proud of achieving the following

o Contribution to GDP – Pula 109 Million

o Social investment – Pula 5 Million

o Significant Development (or CSI) Initiatives Connected to the Event (Pula 1 million per annum for last 3 years to charity)

o Increased Awareness of Gaborone’s & Botswana’s Tourism Offering Due to Increased Visitors & Media


o Training and Transformation of Workforce

o Support to and Potential to Grow Small Businesses

o General public well being – Priceless!

The Diacore Gaborone Marathon running program which hosts 10 elite long distance runners has proven without a shadow of a doubt that our nation has a treasure trove of world-class athletes. Having conquered races both locally and regionally, it is time to welcome foreign athletes and challenge them in a historic winner that will be remembered as a significant milestone in African sports. What’s more, all proceeds from the 2018 event as in previous years will be donated to charity making this truly Botswana’s finest hour.

Registration for the 2018 event to be held on May 13 is currently open on

Diacore Gaborone Marathon thanks our proud and loyal sponsors Diacore, Stanbic Bank, Mascom, Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), Sefalana, Botho University, Grand Palm Hotel and Casino Resort and broadcast sponsor Yarona fm.