• Disruptive Change in the Diamond Industry

    Introduction to Roundtable on Disruptive Change in the Diamond Industry, Compliance, Financing & Derivatives', Mumbai January 2015

  • Why Do Diamond Traders Need A Diamond Fund?

    Swiss Global, Exclusive Manager of Julius Baer Funds and GAM Group, on the development of a fund that invests in the most liquid and standardised part of the polished diamond market; similar to precious and industrial metals.

  • Benchmark Pricing in the Diamond Industry

    A credible, transparent price benchmark is essential for any third party or investor involvement in the diamond industry

  • Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange

    SDiX is developing a unique and innovative model – creating an entirely new market place through the world’s first global electronic regulated diamond exchange that provides a fully transparent market based on matching supply and demand in global scale.

  • New regulations covering investment linked benchmarks

    Compliance with new regulations is key to making diamond indices investable and to enable financial advisors to place their client money into diamond linked products.